Top 5 foreign countries for education

Top 5 foreign countries for education


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Studying in a foreign land, especially the USA or the UK is a dream of every student in the world. Teenagers and their excitement juices!! However, many of these dreams are thrashed as the teens’ turn adults. Reason – USA is costly, how do I get there etc. These are some genuine concerns but are they really true? Is studying in USA or Russia a toll on your pocket? Let’s unfold the truth behind this “assumption”…

  1. United States of America (USA)

As told before, studying in the USA is a dream for every student of every discipline. The USA has one of the finest universities and colleges in their country.  Some of the biggest names in the education industry like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT etc are natives of this country. So how do we get there?

Undergraduate Studies

Admission to undergraduate studies at the USA is largely based on ACT or SAT scores. So, what are these? SAT & ACT are two standardized tests that check the college readiness of a school student. Their scores are used by almost all the universities in the US for admissions at UG level.
Also, for students are who not native English speakers are, a TOEFL score is a must. TOEFL is an English language test to see how well verse the student is with English.

Postgraduate Studies

In the case of PG studies, there are 3 major tests – GMAT, GRE, and LSAT.

GMAT – Graduate Management Aptitude Test (Only for management entrances)
GRE – Graduate Record Examinations (For all courses and fields)
LSAT – Law School Admission Test (For law colleges only)

Apart from the above three, TOEFL test holds the same significance as in above.

Apart from the above tests, the student must check other college-specific details like recommendation letter, eligibility criteria etc on the respective college website (for which you intend to apply).

Expenses (lowest – highest): $5000 – $50,000 (per annum).

Living expenses are subject to the location.

  1. United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) or England

After the USA most aspirants have British universities and colleges on their checklists. With the oldest democracy tag to its resume, Britain also boasts of being the home to the oldest universities in the world.

Undergraduate Admissions

Unlike the USA, British universities and colleges do not conduct any entrance exam for admissions. Although international candidates have to appear for IELTS (International English Language Test) but that is only to check their English proficiency. No such thing as SAT subject test is there in case of UK.

To apply for UG courses at any British university/college, a candidate simply has to fill up an application form through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Services). Candidates can apply to 6 different universities against a single UCAS application form. The job of UCAS is to simply forward your request to the concerned colleges. If a college likes your application then it may give you a call for an interview.

Remember, a candidate cannot submit one than one application form under any circumstance during a period.

Postgraduate Admissions

Like UG admissions, PG admissions also do not require any specific entrance exams except in the case of management studies where GMAT scores are necessary. Also, the role of IELTS remains the same as in UG courses.

The application forms for different colleges can be downloaded or filled on the respective college websites.

Also, it is highly recommended to check the admission procedure for the respective colleges on their own website.

Expenses (lowest – highest): £8,000 – £37,000 (per annum).

Other expenses are subject to location.

  1. Canada

For admission to Canadian universities and colleges, mostly the same procedure and exams are followed as for the USA.

  1. Australia

Like the UK, Australia also doesn’t have any standardized entrance tests for admitting students.

Undergraduate Studies

The procedure for applying to Australian colleges is similar to other international universities. In the case of UG studies, no standardized test is there. Candidates must check the official website of respective colleges to know the procedure. However, in the case of foreign candidates, appearing in IELTS is an important aspect.

Postgraduate Studies

The admission process for PG studies is similar to UG studies. In PG also, there is no requirement of any test scores except IELTS.

But, for some institutes, GMAT scores are required for admission to management studies.

Expenses:  $10,000 – $25,000

Important Points

It is highly advisable to all readers to please visit the corresponding college/university website before applying for any course in above-said countries. All colleges/university may have a slightly different procedure from the other, hence do check it before applying.

Common Documents required

  1. Academic Records.
  2. Standardized test scores (if applicable).
  3. Letter of recommendation.
  4. Statement of purpose/Essays.
Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation is a common document to be attached while applying for admission in the above countries. It is a document written by head/teacher describing his/her student/employee and telling as to why he should be considered by the college for admission.

Statement of Purpose/Essays

An essay written by the student describing himself and the reason as to why he should be considered for admission. It plays a crucial role where no test scores are used for admission.

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