National Institute of Design (NID)

National Institute of Design (NID)


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The National Institute of Design (NID) is India’s top design school, located in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Established in 1961, NID functions as an autonomous body under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion which falls under the purview of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Apart from imparting design courses, the institute is also a scientific and industrial design research organization. For the indispensable contribution of NID to design education, the institute has been named the Institute of National Importance by Govt. of India in 2014.

As of 2017, the National Institute of Design (NID) has three sister campuses across India in Assam, Kurukshetra, and Vijayawada.

List of Contents

  1. Location.
  2. Rankings.
  3. Courses Offered.
  4. Admission Procedure.
  5. Fee Structure
  6. Campus.

NID Location

The NID, Ahmedabad campus operates through 2 branch campuses located in Gandhinagar and Bangalore.

Name of InstituteYear of EstablishmentCampus Location
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (“Heritage Campus”)1961Ahmedabad, Gujarat
National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar (Postgraduate Campus)2004Gandhinagar, Gujarat
National Institute of Design, Bangalore (R&D Campus)2006Bengaluru, Karnataka

Apart from the NID Ahmedabad campus, Govt. of India has also established 3 independent campuses at Vijayawada, Kurukshetra, and Jorhat, Assam.

Name of The InstituteYear of EstablishmentCampus Location
National Institute of Design, Vijayawada2015Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh
National Institute of Design, Kurukshetra2016Kurukshetra, Haryana
National Institute of Design, Jorhat2015Jorhat, Assam

NID Ranking

  • Placed at the #151st spot in the category of best Art & Design institutes in the World by QS Rankings.
  • Ranked 1st by various magazines like Careers360, Shiksha in the list of best design institutes in India.

NID Courses

Bachelor of Design (B.Des)

A four-year bachelor’s degree where you can choose from 8 different specializations. B.Des course is offered at NID Ahmedabad campus only.

The total number of seats is 100 including reserved category.

The specializations offered in this degree program include the following:

  • Textile Design (15 seats).
  • Ceramic and Glass Design (10 seats)
  • Furniture Design (10 seats)
  • Product Design (15 seats)
  • Animation Film Design (15 seats)
  • Exhibition Design (10 seats)
  • Film & Video Communication (10 seats)
  • Graphic Design (15 seats)

Master of Design (M.Des)

A two and half years masters course offered in 19 different specializations, having a total of 275 seats across the 3 active campuses.

NID Ahmedabad Campus
  • Animation Film Design [15 Seats]
  • Ceramic and Glass Design [10 Seats]
  • Furniture Design [15 Seats]
  • Film & Video Communication [15 Seats]
  • Graphic Design [15 Seats]
  • Product Design [15 Seats]
  • Textile Design [15 Seats].
NID Gandhinagar Campus
  • Apparel Design [15 Seats]
  • Lifestyle Accessory Design [15 Seats]
  • Strategic Design Management [15 Seats]
  • New Media Design [15 Seats]
  • Photography Design [15 Seats]
  • Toy & Game Design [10 Seats]
  • Transportation & Automobile Design [15 Seats].
NID Bengaluru Campus
  • Design for Retail Experience [15 Seats]
  • Digital Game Design [15 Seats]
  • Information Design [15 Seats]
  • Interaction Design [15 Seats]
  • Universal Design [15 Seats].

Graduate Diploma Programme in Design (GDPD)

GDPD is a 4-year long diploma program at NID Vijayawada and NID Kurukshetra. It is the only program offered by these two campuses.

  • Industrial Design.
  • Communication Design.
  • Textile & Apparel Design.

International Collaborations

NIDs have, or have had collaborations with 84 different universities all over the world, including Royal College of Art & Design, London, UK and California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Valencia, USA. NIDs fully support programs like

  1. Faculty Exchange
  2. Research
  3. Publications
  4. Joint Workshops Collaborative Projects
  5. International Open Electives
  6. Student Exchange.

NID Admission

Admission to all courses (B.Des/M.Des/GDPD) at NID campuses is through a 2-tier entrance test process. This common entrance test is called Design Aptitude Test (DAT).

The two stages of the DAT exam scheme include:

  • Design Aptitude Test (Prelims).
  • Design Aptitude Test (Mains).

The format of DAT (Prelims) is similar for B.Des/GDPD and M.Des admissions. DAT mains for M.Des. and B.Des./GDPD are different.

DAT (Mains) for M.Des. and B.Des./GDPD are different.

NID Fee Structure

Indian Citizens (For 2018 admissions)

ParticularsBachelor of Design (B. Des)
Master of Design (M.Des)
Sem ISem IISem ISem IISem ISem IISem ISem II
Tuition Fees1,17,5001,17,5001,44,0001,44,0001,44,0001,44,5001,44,5001,44,000
Hostel charges1500015000Non-ResidentialNon-Residential17,50017500Non-ResidentialNon-Residential
Insurance (Personal Accident)2000200020002000
Student Activity Fund4000400040004000
Film Club2000200020002000
Security Deposit (refundable)10000010000010,0000100000
Mess charges *19,72019,8650019,72019,86521,39021,390
Total INR1,63,0201,52,3651,54,8001,44,0001,92,4201,81,8651,76,6901,65,390

GDPD Course (At Vijayawada and Kurukshetra)

Tuition Fee1,75,000
Refundable Security Deposit10,000
Total Fees for the first year (two semesters)1,85,000

Overseas (Supernumerary for both B.Des & M.Des) (Joining in 2018-19)

SAARC / African/ Cambodia/ Laos/ Myanmar/ Vietnam

ParticularsBachelor of Design (B.Des)Master of Design (M.Des)
Ahemdabad CampusAhemdabad CampusGandhinagar CampusBengaluru Campus
Sem ISem IISem ISem IISem ISem IISem ISem II
Tuition Fees29102910291029102910291029102910
Hostel Charges150001500000175001750000
Insurance (Personal Accident)20002000200200
Student Activity Fund40004000400400
Film Club20002000200200
Security Deposit (refundable)100000100001000010000
Mess charges *184211763718421176371964918813
Total INR44221326371080046721351373044918813
 Fee in USD
plus $2910plus $2910plus $2910plus $2910plus $2910plus $2910plus $2910plus $2910

Rest of the World

ParticularsBachelor of Design (B.Des)Master of Design (M.Des)
Ahmedabad CampusAhemdabad CampusGandhinagar CampusBengaluru Campus
Sem ISem IISem ISem IISem ISem IISem ISem II
Tuition Fee64106410641064106410641064106410
Hostel Charges150001500000175001750000
Insurance Charges200020002002000
Student Activity Fund400040004004000
Film Club200020002002000
Security Deposit (refundable1000001000010000100000
Mess charges18421176370018421176371964918813
Total INR442213263710800046721351373044918813
Total USDplus $6410plus $6410plus $6410plus $6410plus $6410plus $6410plus $6410plus $6410

Mess Charges are around rupees 4050 per month.

NID Campus

NID Ahemdabad is spread across a calm, beautiful and rather peaceful campus, right in the middle of the city. With trees in plenty, birds and peacocks can be seeing roaming around, along with other creatures. The NID campus is fully residential with world-class facilities at students dispense.

NID Library

NID has a huge library, filled with the most interesting books, magazines, movies and alumni’s diploma-documents for you to gorge on for hours.

Film Screening

As part of film appreciation, the National Institute of Design screens classic and new movies in their auditorium almost every other week.


There are multiple workshop spaces in the campus, where one can work with wood, metal, Styrofoam, fabric, glass,ceramics and more.

Stay tuned for more updates on National Institute of Design (NID). Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates in future.

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mansi talera

actually i am in 12th class and my exams are going on still, i want to join NID ahemdabad campus for fashion design blocj…and i am from indore…will u just tell me the procedure of examination or admission.