RBI Grade B Phase II Books 2018

RBI Grade B Phase II Books 2018

rbi grade b phase 2 books 2018

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This article lists some important RBI grade B phase 2 books 2018  from around the web & RBI. RBI grade b exam is a annually held national-level recruitment test for employing officers. The recruitment is a 2-staged process comprising of Phase I & Phase II. The books listed in this article are RBI grade B phase 2 books.

The books listed here are from Quora threads, preparation sites, topper’s blogs & from RBI’s official reference book lists.

Read the list of RBI Grade B Phase I 2018 books.

Phase II

Candidates who successfully clear the Phase I examination, can appear for Phase II, test leading to final selection.

The Phase 2 exam will have 3 subject test, each of 1.5 hours. Out of these 3, the English language test will be descriptive in nature.

The subjects involved in phase II are listed below.

PapersType of PaperTime Allotted (min)Marks
Economic and Social IssuesObjective90100
English LanguageSubjective90100
Finance and Management/Economics
Total 270300

RBI Grade B Phase 2 Books 2018

The Phase 2 test is the final nail in the coffin. Candidates clearing the test successfully will be shortlisted for interview and final recruitment. The RBI grade B Phase 2 books 2018 include books recommended by us & the ones recommended by RBI itself.

Books under this phase are listed subject-wise.

Economic and Social Issues

Book Title & AuthorAmazon LinkFlipkart link
Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

The Indian Economy by Sanjeev VermaNot Available
Economics textbook Class XI by NCERT

Economics Textbook Class XII by NCERT

Sociology NCERTs (Class XI & XII)

Books Recommended by RBI

Indian Economy by Mishra PuriNot Available
Indian Economy by Uma Kapila

Growth And Development by Devraj RayNot Available
Sociology by  C.N. Shankar Rao

Recommended Reports (by RBI)

Report NameAmazon LinkFlipkart link
World Development Report (Each Year) by World Bank

Economic Survey of India (Different Years) by Ministry of Finance, GOI

Recommended Newspapers (Recommended by RBI)

  1. Economic Times
  2. Hindu
  3. Business Standard.

Weekly/Monthly Magazines/Bulletins /Reports (Recommended by RBI)

  1. Economic and Political Weekly
  2. Southern Economist
  3. Yojana
  4. Business India
  5. RBI Bulletins

Finance and Management (Optional Subject I)

Book Title & AuthorAmazon LinkFlipkart link
Indian Economy Key Concepts by Sankarganesh K

Principals of Management by P C Tripathi & P N Reddy

Books Recommended by RBI

An introduction to Economics by A W Stonier and D C HaugeNot AvailableNot Available
Indian Economy by R. Dutt and KPM SundaramNot Available
Economic Growth and Development by Mayer and Baldwin Not Available Not Available
Monetary Theory and Public Policy by Kenneth KuriharaNot Available
Public Finance by K K Andley and SundaramNot Available
Financial Management by Prasanna Chandrahttp://fkrt.it/rvTvQ!NNNN
Indian Economy by Mishra and PuriNot Available

Paper III: Economics (Option B)

The RBI Grade B 2018 books recommended above for the subjects called “Economics & Sociology” are valid here too. The following list of books include only the ones recommended by RBI.

Book Title & AuthorAmazon LinkFlipkart link
Microeconomics, Student Value Edition (8th edition) by Robert Pindyck, Daniel Rubinfeldhttp://fkrt.it/KffnITuuuN (Price:Rs. 702)
Intermediate Microeconomics:A modern Approach (8th edition) by Hal R. Varianhttp://fkrt.it/KzYzMTuuuN (Price:Rs. 350)
Macroeconomicsby Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fisher, Richard Starzhttp://fkrt.it/KfBEMTuuuN (Price: Rs.649)
Macroeconomics by N. Gregory Mankiw, (Seventh Edition),http://fkrt.it/KfSmwTuuuN (Price: Rs. 699)
International Economics (2013) by Domimick Salvatorehttp://fkrt.it/n7aU7!NNNN (Price: Rs. 700)
International Economics (2011) by Paul Krugman and Maurics Obstfeldhttp://fkrt.it/KHaDaTuuuN (Price: Rs. 765)
International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics (1993) by Francisco L. Rivera- Batiz, Luis A. Rivera- BatizNot Available
Public Finance in Theory and Practice (1989) by Richard Abel Musgrave and Peggy B. MusgraveNot Available
The Concise Oxford Companion to Economics in India, Edited by Kaushik Basu & Annemie Maertenshttp://fkrt.it/K92GaTuuuN (Price: Rs. 610)
India Development Report (2015) edited by S. Mahendra DevNot Available

Paper III: Statistics (Option C)

Statistics being the least selected subject in RBI grade B exams, we couldn’t find recommended books for the subject. Following list contains only the books recommended by RBI for preparation.

Book Title & AuthorAmazon LinkFlipkart link
An Introduction to Numerical Analysis, by Wiley. Atkinson, K.E. (1989):http://fkrt.it/nnr0o!NNNN (Price: Rs. 16,674)
Modern Probability Theory, New Age International by Bhat, B.R.Not Available
Sampling Techniques by Cochran, William G from John Wiley and Sons, New Yorkhttp://fkrt.it/KKJwFTuuuN (Price: Rs. 667)
Design and Analysis of Experiments by Das, M.N. and N. C. GiriNot Available
Applied Regression Analysis by Draper, N.R. and H. SmithNot Available
Fundamentals of Statistics. (2 Vols.) by Goon, A.M., M. K. Gupta and B. Dasgupta

Not Available
Non parametric Statistical Inference by Gibbons, J.D. & S. Chakrabarti

Not Available
Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics by Gupta, S.C. and V. K. Kapoor

Fundamentals of Applied Statistics by Gupta, S.C. and V. K. KapoorNot Available
Non Parametric Statistical method by Hollander Myles and Douglas A. Wolfe

Old Edition (1999)

Old Edition (1999)

A Course in Linear Models Marcel Dekker by Kshirsagar, A.M.Not Available
Design and Analysis of Experiments by Montgomery, D. C.

Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis by Montgomery, D.C., E. A. Peck and G. G. Vining

Sampling Theory and Methods by Murthy, M.N.Not AvailableNot Available
Fundamentals of Computers by Rajaraman, V.

An Introduction to Probability and Statistics by Rohatgi, V. K. and A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh

Finite Differences and Numerical Analysis by Saxena, H.C.

Database System Concepts by Silberschatz, A., H. F. Korth and S. Sudarshan

Computer Fundamentals by Sinha, P.K.

Sampling Theory of Surveys with Applications by Sukhatme, P.V., B. V. Sukhatme, S. Sukhatme and C. AsokNot AvailableNot Available
Operations Research by Swaroop, K., P. K. Gupta and M. M. Singh

Operations Research: An Introduction by Taha, H.A

General Books

Book Title & AuthorAmazon LinkFlipkart Link
RBI Grade – B Officer Online Exam Phase – II Objective And Descriptive Type Online Test Practice Work Book by Kiran Publishers


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