Top 10 Courses after 12th Science

Top 10 Courses after 12th Science

courses after 12th science

The 12th Standard Board Examinations are the last examinations of school life for a student. 12th is the point after which all students decide on a career of their choice and pursue professional courses. Your Courses after 12th science depends on the stream you had chosen in the 11th standard. There are various courses available to students of all streams, which not only pay well and let them have a decent lifestyle but also provide respect in society and a satisfying career. Science continues to remain the most popular stream for students across India not only because of a large number of career options available but also because of the fact that in India, a science student can take up Commerce or Arts courses later after Class 12th if he/she wishes to which is not possible vice versa. Let us look at the top 10 courses after 12th Science:

  1. Medicine (MBBS).
  2. Engineering (B.Tech).
  3. Biotechnology (BioTech).
  4. Forensic Science.
  5. Merchant Navy
  6. Architecture (B.Arch).
  7. Aviation.
  8. Pharmacy.
  9. Indian Navy.
  10. General Science (B.Sc).

Medicine (M.B.B.S)

Medicine remains one of the most attractive options for courses after 12th science. It is one of the highest paying and most respected professions in the world. More than 55,000 students graduate every year in medicine in India. These include students studying and graduating in Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences etc. Some of the top colleges for studying medicine are – All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore, JIPMER Puducherry, Armed Forces Medical College etc.

Engineering (B.Tech/B.E)

Engineering is the most popular career option for most students after 12th. A student can opt for B.E./B.Tech. in any branch of his/her choice. There are many branches in engineering such as Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Electronics, Petroleum, Mining, Dairy Technology, Food Technology, Metallurgy, Textile, Marine etc. The course lasts for 4 years, which can be followed by a Masters degree (M.E./M.Tech.) of 2 years if the student wishes. While there are many well-paying corporate jobs available for engineers across the globe, they can also opt for research in their fields or teach in a college. According to AICTE, more than a million students graduate as engineers in India every year. Though it is a saturated field, students from the top colleges and branches are always highly in demand. Top colleges for studying engineering are the IITs, NITS, IIITs, IISc, BITS Pilani etc.


Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary branch of Science which comprises cultivating new products and has applications in various fields like agriculture, food technology, pharmaceuticals etc. It has a great future and students can look forward to becoming biochemists, scientists etc. The best institutes for studying biotechnology are the IITs, NITs, NSIT Delhi, Thapar University etc.

Forensic Science

Forensic Science involves the application of science for criminal investigations. Using various techniques, a Forensic Science professional can resolve critical crimes. The job of a Forensic Science professional is to study the clues hidden in the corpses or clothes using modern science and technology and facilitate the investigation procedure. So it involves a lot of laboratory-oriented research and analysis. A career in Forensic Science can be highly rewarding. The best colleges for studying Forensic Science are Institute of Forensic Sciences (IFS), Osmania University, Amity University etc. for Bachelors and diploma courses, and Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Madras University, LNJNFICFS etc. for Masters courses.

Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is a very lucrative option for courses after 12th science. Officers in Merchant Navy have high pay packages. To get into Merchant Navy, one must pursue Maritime courses associated with them such as B.Sc. in Nautical Technology or B.Tech. in Naval Architecture and Ship Building etc. The admission into Merchant Navy is through The All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test (AIMNET). One has to be medically fit also, as per the norms and health standards laid by the authorities, to qualify.If one is willing to travel extensively and wants to lead an adventurous life, this is the perfect career option for him/her.

Architecture (B.Arch)

Architecture deals with the planning and construction of official and residential buildings and structures. More than 50,000 students graduate as architects every year in India. For becoming an architect, one has to pursue the five-year long Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) course. There is umpteen number of well-paying opportunities for architects in top firms in the Construction sector. Top colleges for architecture include JJ School of Architecture Mumbai, IIT Roorkee, NIT Trichy, NIT Calicut, JMI Delhi etc.


Aviation or flying offers very lucrative courses after 12th science. There is a huge demand for commercial pilots in India as the aviation sector is booming. India needs more than 8,000 commercial pilots annually while the training schools are only able to provide a small percentage of that number. The commercial Pilot’s license is provided by the DGCA after the students clear its flying test. The pilot training costs are quite high and can easily be upwards of Rs. 25 lakhs, though the subsequent pay packages more than makeup for it. The Government Aviation Training Institute (GATI), Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA), Bombay Flying Club, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy etc. are some of the top institute choices for students looking at aviation as courses after 12th science. Many commercial pilots come from the Armed Forces as well.


Pharmacy deals with making medicines or chemicals used in medicines use of various medicines etc. About 25,000 students graduate as pharmacists every year in India. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made it mandatory for all medical companies to hire qualified pharmacists.Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) is a three-year course that is offered by many major colleges. One can follow B.Pharm. with M.Pharm. and then even teach in colleges or pursue research. The top colleges for Pharmacy are Jamia Hamdard, NIPER Mohali, NIPER Hyderabad, ICT Mumbai, BITS Pilani etc.

Being in the Armed Forces fills everyone with pride. But it comes with lots of discipline and hard work. In 2016, the Indian Navy announced considering JEE Main scores for recruiting cadets for Indian Navy. Recruits will be provided with appropriate physical, technical training before being absorbed as officers in Indian Navy. Read our article on Indian navy using JEE (Main) Scores.

General Sciences (B.Sc.)

The students can opt for academic courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics too after 12th. Completing a B.Sc.(Hons.) can be complemented by an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. later, which can let them teach in colleges or pursue research in labs like PRL, BARC, IUAC etc. There are many interdisciplinary courses available too like Biochemistry, Mathematical Biology, Molecular Biophysics etc. which are greatly in demand nowadays for their immense scope of research. The best colleges for general sciences are St. Stephens Delhi, Loyola College Chennai, St. Xavier’s Mumbai, Hans Raj Delhi, Fergusson College Pune etc.

Students should carefully decide their career choice based on their aptitude and future aspirations. Science offers one a plethora of career options, especially the best colleges but it’s the students themselves who need to sit back and evaluate all options available to them. The right expertise and knowledge can make anyone earn well and get job satisfaction from his/her career.

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