The Road to Success in Entrance Exam

The Road to Success in Entrance Exam

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Entrance exam – an overhyped word, a synonym to competition, a race to remember or just another exam? What exactly summarizes an entrance exam? Well, the answer depends on who you are. For parents, definitely it’s not just an exam, they call it a career decider. And the same perception is delivered to their children like a birth mark. However, for teachers, it is nothing more than a money spinner – an opportunity in hand.

Above all these notions, the thing that a student must remember is the fact that hard work can conquer all. Wait, wait, wait…. Let me rephrase it, hard work with proper planning can conquer it all. So, here we bring to our readers, the 10 things that can crack the ice named entrance exam.

Choosing the correct entrance exam.

Though this might sound a bit idiotic to point out, but choosing the correct field or exam, is half the race. As a student, it is of utmost importance to figure the correct field and in turn, the correct exam that suits our caliber. See everybody is not born to be a Satya Nadella, maybe you are born to be Jose Baez (lawyer) or Pele. But you will only know this when you figure it out yourself. Hence, it is very important to deduce what you can do and not what others are good at. 

Find what the Entrance exam needs of you 

Now that you have chosen which exam is made for you, it is important to calculate which skill the exam needs. For example, an entrance exam like the SAT requires hold at concepts along with a logical thinking and speed, whereas the same is not true for TOEFL. So it is important, as a test taker, to figure what the entrance exam wants you and then plan accordingly.

A greatly laid out Plan 

As we now know what is right for us and what is required of us, it’s time to lay out a plan that will help achieve us. As I mentioned previously, it’s not only about the hard work, you have to be equally good at planning too. Hard work without a plan is like a body without a soul. Therefore, a great plan is something that draws the line between “F” & “S”. 

Hard Work

Success is not an accident, its hard work”. This line says it all. It’s not only confined to a stupid test or to a college, hard work is an asset to your existence. Hard work is the key to a child’s dreams. It is so important that hard work can exist without the rest of 9 points, but the 9 points can never imagine existing without hard work. And guys, you ought to work if you ever want your plan created in 3rd point to see the daylight!!

Time Management 

What is kilogram? A unit of measuring weight. Now, what is time? A unit of measuring one’s existence. This much important time actually is. You measure yourself in time. Hence, it can definitely make you or destroy you. A student must always learn to respect time. It is very important to use your time to cover your weak areas and bring them at par with the strong ones. Also, an entrance exam is all about how you perform in the allotted time. Hence, managing what you do and how you do is very important.


It is of utmost importance to realize your priorities while preparing for an exam. Students must always start with the things holding maximum priority during preparation and also during taking an exam. If your priorities are not correct, you will end up underutilizing your important time and hence mess up. So, set the priorities of tasks at hand and work accordingly.

Mug up but only after understanding the concept

We all have had the advice of not mugging up our subject matter. Well, as a student myself, I think that this is a half said the truth. I don’t know if mugging stuff is right or not but I can assure you one fact – you have to mug up things. But, but and a big BUT! Mug up things only and only after you have understood what the stuff is all about. That’s all I can say about mugging up.

Maintain consistency, even if you fail

Whatever happens, whatever way the things go, never give up while preparing for these exams. Many of the students, during preparations, fail to perform in the local exams during preparation and end up losing heart. For such students, my advice is to stick around for a while. If you know you are doing it right, then all you need is to stick around, remain strong at what you are doing. Results will show up after some time. Hence, remember never to give up whatever the situation is.

Listen to your elders

They may be repeating the same thing each and every day but whatever they are saying is worth million dollars. The experience and the intention your elders have can never be overpowered by the mental ability you hold. So, please do take their advice into consideration at all times.



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