Top 10 Courses after 12 Commerce

Top 10 Courses after 12 Commerce

courses after 12 commerce

After 12th, all students are set to pursue a career for themselves and there are ample opportunities to succeed in every stream. Commerce is very vast and students land up having many courses after 12 Commerce. There are many degrees and professional courses for Commerce students. While choosing the right option might be difficult, it shall be the stepping stone for a successful career for you. While we discussed the career options for Science students earlier, it is now time to list all the lucrative options available to a Commerce student. The various courses that a Commerce student can pursue after 12th are as follows:

  1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.).
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.).
  3. Chartered Accountancy (C.A.).
  4. Company Secretary (C.S.).
  5. Bachelor of Law (LL.B.).
  6. Bachelor of Arts – Economics (B.A. Economics).
  7. Cost and Management Accountant (C.M.A.).
  8. Bachelor of Statistics (B.Stat).
  9. Certified Financial Planner (C.F.A).
  10. Hotel Management.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)/ Bachelor of Commerce – Honours (B.Com. Hons.)

This course after 12 commerce is a 3-year course that every Commerce student can pursue even while pursuing a professional course. This would be the first choice for any Commerce student after 12th. In B.Com. (Hons.), students can specialize in a certain subject such as Economics, Accountancy etc. B.Com. also, allows students to keep their options open after graduation and move to other fields. A student can pursue Masters in various fields after completing B.Com. There are many job opportunities for B.Com. graduates in private and government sectors. All major universities offer B.Com. Some of the top colleges in India for B.Com. are SRCC Delhi, St. Xavier’s Kolkata, Christ University Bangalore etc.

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)/Bachelor of Business Studies (B.B.S.)

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a 3-year long degree that most students follow up with an MBA. The objective of the course is to impart management education to a student and inculcate necessary business skills. After BBA, students can get managerial jobs in many companies, with the private sector offering many more opportunities.

Bachelor of Business Studies or BBS is similar to BBA and comprises of various subjects needed to gain a holistic knowledge of business, be it finance, marketing, HR, operations, strategy etc. The top colleges for BBA or BBS are Symbiosis International University Pune, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies Delhi, IP University Delhi etc.

Chartered Accountancy (C.A.)

Chartered Accountancy or CA is one of the most sought-after professional courses after 12 Commerce. It is a very popular option for one’s career after 12th, as the job opportunities for a CA are several. A CA looks after the financial aspects of a company in accordance with the laws laid by the Government, including tax affairs, auditing etc. The exam is conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).After completing 12th, students can appear for Common Proficiency Test (CPT), which is conducted by ICAI. The next stage is CA intermediate and the final stage is accordingly named CA Final. One becomes a CA only after completing all the three stages.It takes 3 to 5 years to become a CA depending on the time taken to complete it. It allows a flexible schedule to work and study. Becoming a CA is tough but it remains one of the most lucrative career options for Commerce students.While more than a lakh students enroll for CA exams, only 3 percent actually see through until the end of the course to become a Chartered Accountant.

Company Secretary (C.S.)

This is another professional course that is commonly chosen by Commerce students after 12th. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India provides the course and conducts the exam. A Company Secretary is responsible for all the regulatory compliances of a company. Just like CA, a CS has many opportunities available in the corporate world. Most students prefer a combination of CA and CS to build a good career after 12th.

Bachelor of Law (LL.B.)

Although to pursue LL.B., one needs to be a graduate, there are integrated Law courses, which can be pursued directly and thus allow a student to pursue law as a career after 12th. These integrated courses are a combination of another degree and LL.B. course. There are many opportunities for lawyers in India. They can either work at a law firm, do freelance consulting or start their own practice. Top colleges for integrated LL.B. courses are NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR University Hyderabad, NUJS Kolkata, NLIU Bhopal etc.

Bachelor of Arts – Economics (B.A. Economics)

This is another option for students for their career after 12th. A degree in economics opens a lot of job opportunities in various fields like international finance, investment banking, trade, agricultural economics etc.This course allows students to get a grasp of the economic conditions of the market and understand the business better. This course is very beneficial if the student decides to pursue an MBA or prepare for Civil Services in the future. The top colleges for pursuing this degree are Loyola College Chennai, Lady Shri Ram College Delhi, St. Stephens College Delhi etc.

Cost and Management Accountant (C.M.A.)

The CMA course is provided by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICWAI). Cost Accountants perform cost auditing, maintain records and also plan and control costing of products.As a CMA, you can either do freelance consulting or work as a manager in a company of private or public sector.

Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.)

Certified Financial Planner or CFP is a great career option for those who want to build their careers in areas such as wealth management, personal finance, mutual fund investments, insurance, retirement planning etc. CFP is a certification course that has to be taken to enter the world of financial planning. The CFP license is provided by the Financial Planning Standard Board or FPSB in India.

Bachelor of Statistics (B.Stat)

Bachelor of Statistics (B.Stat) is a 3-year long course in statistics where different branches of Mathematics related to Data Interpretation and Analysis are taught. The course is a great career path for people interested in Mathematics. The premier institute offering this course is Indian Institute of Statistics (ISI), Calcutta. Upon graduating, students can continue studying by pursuing Master of Statistics (M.Stat) or appear for Campus Placements. Jobs in Data Analytics are offered mainly after graduating. As of 2016, an average CTC of 14 lacs/annum in reported for B.Stat graduates in ISI.

Hotel Management (BHMS)

Hotel Management or BHMS is a course under the hospitality industry. The knowledge of hotel management is imparted through the 3-year long degree program called Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management or Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) offered at premier Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) among others. Interested candidates can take the NCHM JEE entrance exam conducted by NCHMCT. Upon completing the course, an annual package of 5 lac/annum is observed.

At the end of the day, it is the students who have to decide which path to walk upon based on their aptitude and future aspirations. Commerce has a plethora of options that can help someone lead a successful and fulfilling life. While we have listed some of the courses after 12 commerce available, there are many other options available too. Students need to carefully decide and start working on their passions and interests to carve a niche for themselves in whichever field they choose.

Stay tuned for more updates on courses after 12 commerce in future. Also, comment down below in case of queries or suggestions for the EduPadhai team. 

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