Children And Competition

Children And Competition


Last updated on May 7th, 2017 at 10:44 am

“Everybody loves you until you become competition”.

Compete or die”.

These two simple quotes are a mirror to what competition means to a society nowadays. Gone are those days when food, clothes, and shelter were the three basic necessities. Today you have to compete to eat food, win to have clothes and defeat to gain shelter. And if food, clothes & shelter isn’t your stop then competition is what you live by.

If you’re thinking that competition is an agenda of the grown then you ought to be living in the past. Competition now has slowly slithered in the life of our young ones too. Be it their social lives or their workplace, competition is now a principle they have to follow. Today, your kid has to look good, behave the best and attract the opposite sex the most to be on billboards. Now, just being the smartest kid or the natural child doesn’t serve you well. You also need to be the coolest, wittiest and funniest. Let’s discover what pandemonium competition has created in their lives.

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Social Lives & Competition

Social life is the most affected part of human lives when considering the competition. Why? Because it’s the humans who make your life “social” and it’s also the humans who you compete with. So basically you socialize with your competitors.
Because of this fact, innocence in friendships has vanished. Today, friends are made keeping their performance in mind rather than character. This performance based friendship is mostly promoted by parents. According to parents, performance is of utmost importance and living with a performer enhances their children’s performance. So, basically there is no need to learn morals, performance is what makes you!!

Apart from this performance-based friendship (a fake friendship of no use), competition has also created a division among students. There is an elite class, then there is the mediocre class and last but not the least is the lower class.  The whole society, nowadays, treats students based on this division. You have to be an elitist to be loved.

Some might argue that parents do this because they want their children to have a royal life. True. But is this what every child wants? Does every child want 3 lakhs/month of salary? Maybe they dream of a 50K/month salary? Maybe they just want a small happy family? Aren’t parents seeing their unfulfilled dreams in their children? This is something parents have to understand. Money isn’t happiness. Let every child lead a life carved by himself, let it be his own journey.


Apart from this social life, education is the 2nd most affected part of children’s life today. According to a recent study, competition, while learning, results in lower self-confidence among students. It not just about the confidence, competition has also driven education into a different horizon. Today, education has become an industry. Teachers run after money, parents run after teachers who claim to crack competition studies and then there is student who lives puzzled. The true spirit of education has faded. Millions of rupees are spent every year on education, not to learn, but to be able to compete. All of this is It’s not about better education, it’s about competitive education.

In countries like India, education is a bank balance. Better education means better bank balance. Better bank balance means better spouse, better dowry, and better social status. Isn’t marriage a part of education industry in countries like India?  Everything is education driven in India and education, well it is competition driven.

Better education doesn’t mean a better human; it might simply mean a better “horse”, a horse fast enough to beat millions of other horses.

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But and but…….. Is this what competition is all about? The answer is a big NO. This is what we have made out of competition. Competition does bring out the best in people. It pushes limits and creates champions. It is the base of improvement. It is an inspiration for new development. Then what did I write above?  Rubbish? No, certainly no.

We must compete but with a good spirit. We must educate, but to learn. We must make friends but with innocence. Competition must enter our lives, but only professionally. Competition must induce emotions but only where required. We must prepare to compete but must not forget to appreciate. We should live with competitive spirit but should not kill the spirit of life!!

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