No Weight age to 12th Standard Marks In JEE Main 2017 AIR

No Weight age to 12th Standard Marks In JEE Main 2017 AIR

JEE Main 2017

Students jumbling between JEE Main 2017 preparations and 12th Board exams, finally have a reason to cheer. The HRD ministry, finally, has decided to forgo the 40% weight age given to 12th standard marks in calculating JEE Main 2017 AIR. From 2017 onwards, the ministry has decided to use 12th std. marks only as eligibility criteria while removing the 40% perks given to 12th marks. The decision stems from the recommendations given by the Committee of Eminent Person (CEP), headed by Prof. Ashok Mishra. The Committee, in its report, submitted on 5th Nov. 2015, came up with a number of major changes in order to bombard the blooming coaching industry and student’s dependence on it. While the report boasts of numerous changes, capable of turning the tables, only a few have been adopted for next year JEE main 2017 exam extravaganza.

Where it was Born?

The current 2 tier entrance process was introduced in 2012 by the then HRD minister Kapil Sibal, making the previous process quite tough. When the use of 12th standard marks was introduced into the system, a heavy criticism followed as the aftermath. Many students and teachers at the time argued the indispensable politics followed in the board practical exams to have a negative impact on the results.

The New System

Though the 12th Board marks have lost the major impact that they previously used to have, a complete ignorance is still to be observed. The decision has made a minimum of 75% aggregate marks in 12th std. as the new eligibility criteria, which again is a headache for state board students compared to CBSE. For SC/ST students the bar has been set to 65% marks. Now an aspirant is supposed to either be a part of the top 20 percentile group or has to score a minimum of 75% marks in order to be a part of this prestigious exam. No other changes have been employed as of now.

Coaching Vs. Ministry

It is not the first time that the HRD ministry has tried to dissolve the coaching industry. The introduction of the 2-tier system was also one such move. But every time the govt. does an attack, the coaching industry just reverses it just like that. It has now become a big challenge for the IITs and ministry to get rid of the coaching industry. According to various professors at IITs, the coaching industry has destroyed the scientific talent that used to be part of IITs in the past, by making less able students enter the IITs. For them, coaching is nothing but a road block in its hunt for real talent. It is interesting to see, finally who wins the battle.


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[…] As many of our readers might know, from 2017 onwards, the 40% weight age given to 12th std. or qualifying exam score has been omitted. From 2017 onwards, All India Ranks will be purely based on candidate’s performance in JEE Main 2017 Paper 1. No consideration, at all, will be given to qualifying exam performance, as used to be in the past. For the detailed description read our article “No weight age to 12th std. from 2017”. […]